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Weights for Height and Distance


Weights for Height and Distance

Below are step-by-step instructions for assembeling wieghts for use with both WFD and WOB.


From left to right I have:
A handle from Mjolnir Hammers
3/4" floor mounted riser
3/4" pipe (suitable length for number of plates you wish to add)
3/4" end cap
Solid eye shackle with 1/4" threaded stud
(Above) 7" welded ring (available at most custom gate suppliers)


Securely screw the pipe into the floor riser creating a solid base for the wieghts.
Drill a hole in the top of the end cap large enough to accomodate the shackle.
Secure the shackle to the end cap using a 1/4" (or appropriate) nut.


Most metal wieghts can be purchased inexpensively from Copeland's, Big-5, K-mart or in my case, Wal-Mart.  These wieghts run fairly cheap especially if purchased at Walmart ($1-$2 max) and come in two standard sizes: Olympic and 3/4" bar.  For this application we chose the 3/4".


Having already completed the base, simply slide all of the weights down onto the 3/4 pipe and cap off with the end cap and shackle.  Now you simply need to add the Add-A-Link to the shackle and secure whichever form of handle you choose to use.